Sexological Bodywork
Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education
Jaiya is a California State Certified Sexological Bodyworker. This means that she is a trained sexologist whose certification is approved by the State of California. She likens herself to an acupuncturist for your sex life. She is an erotic educator, but unlike most educators she works specifically with the body (somatically). The education Jaiya teaches is experiential and offers the opportunity for you to access profound erotic states. Jaiya created New World Sex Education as an institute for learning through workshops, lectures and on-line courses.  Some of the following information is inspired by www.sexologicalbodywork.com

What is Sexological Bodywork?
Sexological Bodywork offers you the opportunity to learn about yourself as a sexual being through private session work, group workshops, and media such as videos, podcasts and internet downloads. Sexological Bodyworkers believe that sexual health and erotic education are basic human rights.

In a private session with Jaiya you will experience erotic education that involves a variety of instructive modalities, including orgasmic breathing, development of touch skill, sensual/erotic massage, pelvic release bodywork, men and women's sexual wellness and masturbation coaching. Jaiya uses the model of working in three areas of eroticism: partner engagement, role play and erotic trance. Jaiya specializes in working in the field of sexual wellness and can teach you about any of the following topics.
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Beyond Premature Ejaculation

Imagine being able to completely control the ejaculatory reflex, resulting in the ability to have multiple and full bodied male orgasms.

Jaiya can teach you simple yet sound techniques that help you to end the number one issue that most men deal with: Premature Ejaculation. You can become one of the many men that Jaiya has successfully taken from minutes to miles. The techniques that you will learn are tried and true. Jaiya begins with getting your pelvic floor in shape, then teaching you how to self pleasure on the edge, helping you to last longer when making love with a partner and finally how to become a master of your orgasm.
Postpartum Sexual Healing

Perhaps you are one of the many women out there who have given birth and find that your sexual life just isn't the same. Or maybe you are one of the many couples who find it difficult to share intimacy since the birth of your children? (Over 85% of Jaiya's practice consists of couples who no longer share intimacy.) After the birth of her son Jaiya was left with keloidal scar tissue in her pelvic floor that made sex excruciatingly painful and very unsatisfying. Here she was a sex educator, who thought that her sex life was over forever. That is when she called on her colleague Ellen Heed to help her to rehabilitate her pelvic floor. Together they created seven steps to help women who have had pelvic floor trauma and scarring to reclaim their sex life and pleasure. Jaiya is happy to report that she is scar free and having the best sex ever.

If you are a woman who experiences painful intercourse and you are seeking pleasure again, there is hope. It doesn't matter if your scars are 20 years or older. Imagine experiencing deeper intimacy, connection and pleasure with your partner. During a Postpartum Healing Session you will learn how to heal your pelvic floor trauma, revive your sex life, and get the pleasure that you deserve. Sessions are available with both Jaiya and Ellen.
Prostate Health and Pleasure

Your prostate health is important. Your prostate pleasure is just as important. Jaiya can teach you and your partner massage techniques that can boost both.

In an individual session you will experience pelvic floor massage that may include external and internal prostate massage that helps you to learn self massage and prostate care that may include "milking" of the prostate. You may also want to learn self techniques with pleasure objects or manual stimulation. When working with you partner they will learn how to do pelvic floor massage with specific focus on the external anus as well as internal techniques for pleasure and health. Your partner may also learn how to "milk" the prostate and use pleasure objects on your for greater awareness and deeper pleasure.
G-Spot and Female Ejaculation Training

These sessions are for women and couples. During a session you will learn the art of Female Ejaculation and G-Spot Pleasure. Imagine being able to unleash your or your partner's waters and experience a new type of orgasmic release. During these sessions you will be guided through a unique program that Jaiya has created to help women to learn the art of fully releasing their prostatic fluid. Yes, female ejaculate is prostatic fluid, not pee. You will learn techniques for self pleasure as well as techniques to try with a partner. It took Jaiya about a year to discover how to ejaculate; she tried many techniques and found what worked for her body and what didn't. Once she discovered how to ejaculate with a partner she wanted to be able to do it on her own, so she sought out self pleasure techniques that would help her. Eventually she began to ejaculate with ease and found ways that she could teach other women how to do the same thing.
Orgasmic Childbirth

Childbirth doesn't have to be painful! Imagine having an ecstatic, orgasmic, shamanic experience while giving birth. It is possible and thousands of women are reclaiming their right to pleasurable births. The same sensual energy that created your baby can be the same energy that births it into the world. It's true. The same hormones that are involved in lovemaking (oxytocin, dopamine) are some of the same hormones involved in the second stage of labor. You can have a natural birth.

When Jaiya became pregnant she set out to have an orgasmic birthing experience. She learned all that she could and even apprenticed with Elena Tonetti Vladmirova (www.birthintobeing.com). Besides being a certified sexologist Jaiya is also certified in Imagery Birth and as a Birth Into Being Facilitator. During Jaiya's labor she had a very sensual environment where her partner stimulated her and helped to give birth naturally in water. Jaiya describes the labor as a Shamanic Rite of Passage. She did have orgasmic moments of her birth, on being the moment that pushed the baby into the world. Jaiya offers private coaching and group workshops on Orgasmic Childbirth.
Taoist Erotic Massage

Imagine reaching high states of pro-longed arousal along with a deep experience of embodiment. Using intention, breathwork, massage and elements of erotic trance states Jaiya will facilitate you on an erotic journey into yourself. You may experience a peak erotic moment, an insight about your life, a greater sense of connection or full bodied pleasure.

Couples, you can learn how to gift each other with Taoist Erotic Massage and learn techniques from the RED HOT TOUCH video series.
Sacred Sexuality- Tantra, Taoism, and Shamanism

There is more to your sexuality. Tantra, Taoist and Shamanic paths are all ways to bridge the gap between sexuality and spirituality. They also help couples to create deeper connection and intimacy.

What is Tantra?
Tantra is a path that takes you through the body in order to experience union with all that is. We honor the physical body in all its beauty and uniqueness. Tantra means liberation through expansion. By practicing Tantra you can learn to amplify and transmute sexual energy, learn true intimacy, honor and bring the active and receptive (masculine and feminine) energies in union, rejuvenate the body, live in the present moment and allow more play into your life! Tantra is much more than just sexuality, it is a life path that can take you to higher states of consciousness and awareness. Tantra is about bridging the gap between sexuality and spirituality.

Jaiya is a practitioner and teacher of a tradition of Tantra called Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga. This is a technique based, heart centered form of Tantra that uses a daily formula as a catalyst for transformation. During a Tantra session you will be guided through a series of techniques that will bring you into a heart centered space. The techniques focus on the Ipsalu Formula or Daily Practice: activate the body, still the mind, arouse sexual energy, transmute or move sexual energy through the body, and then enjoy the blissful heart space. From there you may experience Tantric Ritual (Puja), Sensory Stimulation, Playful Exploration or Healing Ceremony.

What is Taoism?
"If you cannot face directly into your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality."- Hsi Lai, The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress

Jaiya's teachings in Taoism stem from teachings of the White Tigress, Jade Dragon and Mantak Chia. Through these powerful teachings you can learn techniques to rejuvenate your body and ways to cultivate more sexual energy for spiritual development. Like sexual Tai Chi, these practices have helped people to increase stamina, remain youthful, restore vitality and overall wellness.

What is Sexual Shamanism?
Shamanic practices honor our natural spirits and revere life as a creation of our sexuality. Shamanism dates back 40,000 years and is an ancient path to claiming our power and visionary abilities. There are many forms of sex, our culture predominately focuses on two of them :procreation and pleasure. Sexual Shamanism encompasses four types of sex based on the elements.

Air= Romantic Love
Water= Pleasure Focused Sex
Fire= Energy Merging or Transformative Sex
Kenneth Ray Stubbs has been mentoring Jaiya as a Sexual Shaman. Through meditation techniques she had learned how to be "make love" on an energetic level. This is working on the spiritual and transformative levels of sexuality. Through a series of meditations or visualizations you will learn how to create ceremonial space, merge energy, amplify your own energetic development and "make love" on an energetic level.

Imagine being able to have energetic orgasms on every level of your being!

Jaiya also draws on the teachings of Wilbert Alix www.trancedance.com to create an Erotic Trance Ceremony. During this ceremony you will use breath, rhythm, intention, movement and a blindfold to go deep into an erotic shamanic journey with yourself. Jaiya is a facilitator on your journey. This is a transformative experience.

The teachings of Sylvia Brallier (www.tantricshamanism.com) are also incorporated into these sessions.
Alternative Relationships and Love Styles

Perhaps you are thinking of "opening up" your relationships. Or maybe you are already in an open relationship but are in need of an outside person to help you resolve a conflict. Jaiya has been there, with over 10 years of experience in alternative relationships and currently participating in an open lifestyle. Jaiya offers private coaching sessions that assist partners and individuals in the development and continued growth of relating in an alternative relationship or love style.

The following are some things you may work with or experience during a coaching session:
• Working with Intentions, Boundaries, and Projections
• Creating a Mission Statement for your relationship
• Working through Jealousy and Triggers
• Techniques for Better Communication Skills
• Having a non-judgmental outside observer to help you work through issues
• Safer Sex Practices
• Techniques for Attracting new Partners
• Mastering Alive Relationships Workbook
• Threesomes and Group Sex Practices
• Throwing Conscious and Fun Poly/Swinger Parties
• Building Erotic Community
• Alternative Relationship as a Spiritual Practice

More Information
Jaiya has been practicing alternative relationships for 12 years. She began experimenting with open relationships, meaning that she and her partner were open to explore the possibility of being with other people sexually. Years later she would discover the term "Polyamory", which means "many loves". Jaiya has been in a successful polyamorous relationship for almost 8 years now. Her and her partner experienced such deep and intense love for each that they wondered if they could give that gift of love to other people. They discovered that they could and from there they began to share their love with many. This does not mean that they had many sexual partners, in fact, until recently they only shared intercourse with each other. As you learn more about polyamory you will see that it is practiced in many different forms based upon the agreements of each couple. Here is a recently published article (www.kasidie.com) about Jaiya and her current relationship style.
Types of Alternative Relationships

Open Relationships- As with most of the types of alternative relationships Open Relationships vary depending upon the people participating in them. Usually there is some type of agreement about being with other people. For some open relationships it is okay to be sexual but to not fall in love, or it is only okay to play sexually when the other partner is present, or with other couples.

Swingers - Swingers are sexually open in their relationships. They may have sexual encounters with other couples, or with individuals. They often go to clubs or parties where they interact with other people through sensuality or sexual intercourse. There is often a misconception that swingers are all about the sex, in some cases that may be true, but there are definitely swingers who connect at a heart level with people in their group.

Polyamory- Polyamory is mostly about loving others in an open way which allow true freedom in relationship. As with most alternative relationships each one is different due to the agreements that each person makes with another. Polyamory seems to be more about connecting on a deep level and forming long term relationships with people, although that is not always the case. In some instances couples will decide to be primary partners and maybe bring in secondary partners. This often happens with married couples. There is also polyfidelity which is a group of people who are committed to the group and do not take outside lovers. This is similar to polyfamily, which is the same idea, but outside lovers are allowed.

Polygamy- Polygamy is often confused with Polyamory, but they are very different. In polygamy the couple is married and usually the man takes on other wives, meaning that there are multiple marriages. When a woman takes on many husbands it is called polyandry. The relationship is still often confined by societal norms as opposed to being defined by the agreements of the partners involved. 

Sexy Nutrition

Imagine learning about foods that enhance your libido and overall sexual health? Now imaging making incredibly delicious treats that you can eat right off of your lover's body!

Jaiya and her partner Jon, who is a certified Living Food Chef, teach you and your friends how to prepare amazing decision that not only feed your appetite but also your libido. They will share with you secret recipes from their best-selling e-book You're Sexy When You Eat Like That and foods that make you feel sexy, look sexy and smell sexy. Round up your friend and have a chocolate or aphrodisiac party complete with all the ingredients for a very sexy time. And…coming soon: Free Videos of Chef Jon making his Secret Chocolate Maca Cheesecake!
Would you like to study with Jaiya?

Jaiya takes a limited number of private students and offers workshops and on-line courses throughout the year through New World Sex Education.

Jaiya works with students who wish to explore what is erotically possible and beyond. During a bodywork session, workshop or lecture Jaiya may also guide you into the ancient eastern (Tantric, Taoist) and shamanic aspects of human sexuality. No matter what spiritual or religious tradition that you come from, Jaiya will respect your beliefs but asks that you be open to the spiritual dimensions of sexuality.

You may have experienced inadequate sexual education from family, religion, school, and health care professionals. Or perhaps you are seeking teaching from a sexological bodyworker because sexual shame has damaged your self-image, interfered with your relationships, or even thwarted your ability to love.

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