“Jaiya has a striking presence that, well, just feels good to be in! She embodies an intuitive wisdom, which, together with her broad experience, makes her a solid facilitator and guide for people to open up to their inner secrets. Thank you Jaiya, for sharing yourself in this way!”

-Isa Magdalena, teacher and author /Full Spectrum Sex, Map One: the Libido Compass.

“Wow! I just watched every minute of both DVDs. WOW!”- J

“I have been in an altered state all day. You touched me, in more ways than you know. Thank you.” – A

”Just a note to tell you how precious the time was, spent with you. I really felt connected to you. Time sharing the breath of life with each other was fantastic. I am looking forward to the information you will be sending.”-G

“You gave me permission to allow and engage with 'What Is'. I delight in thinking of myself as erotically gifted! What a new concept that is for me in a positive sense. I am ready to fully embody the Goddess. And this is an aspect of her I have suppressed, because of wounding.”-J

”You did help transform my life and I will be forever grateful. May Almighty God bless you and all the works you do for people.”- D

”My session with you was a rare and for me a deeply moving experience. I want you to know that the greatest value to me in our session was your presence and total beingness. Your love and heart space are not transparent, and certainly are a blessing to your students.”-B

“Dear Jaiya,

I came to you seeking some help for a number of concerns - my sexual confidence, my sexual abilities, my concern around ejaculating too soon, my concern about really being "in tune" with a partner on multiple levels, and a concern around making sure I understood how to "give myself" to a relationship again after my divorce. First, I must thank you for the love, patience, guidance, honesty, receptivity, and energy you gave to me during our day together. You put me immediately at ease, you made me feel very comfortable being me, and allowed me to open myself to being a “truer me” around you. But maybe most of all it was an overwhelming sense of freedom and openness to be vulnerable and “in the moment. It was also an amazing day, because never in my life had I experience the "full body orgasm" that you helped me find. I was somewhat bewildered and astonished about the events of the day as I made my way home. I found myself more aware of so many things, it was as if even the air had a texture or a sound to it that I hadn't known before.

Now let me give you the update. I have begun dating, and being sexual again with a new partner. I have found my sexuality more stimulating, more patient, and more fulfilling than I knew it could be. I am more in-tune with a partner, and have found myself with more stamina and endurance than I can ever recall. More importantly, I find that I am so much more focused on the experience of a partner that sex lasts longer and is much more mutually satisfying. The difference is amazing, though I am sure there is so much more to learn and ways to make it even more incredible.

I initially expected that sexuality would be the only end result -- but you did warn me to be prepared for transformation. My new partner has told me many times how "easy" it is for her to be with me, how I seem very confident yet not arrogant in any way, and how we both seem so comfortable to be ourselves with each other. That was not a likely quick outcome before my time with you. So I find myself in my personal relationships being much more me, "reserving" my true self less, and being very happy with who I am (or who I am becoming, the "truer" me).

I found myself as well growing restless inside...on a different plane. As I have come to be more aware and to recognize and discover that, I learned that I am no longer happy in my current job. The job doesn't feel like "me" - as if it's a suit that doesn't quite fit, and I am not happy just allowing that to be that way. So I have begun to embark on a job search to find a position that is much more "me" and feels right. That is something that I hadn't really considered at all before our time together.

So I write to you today to say thank you, for all that you have done to date. I hope that hearing of these changes, all positive, all very personal, all very meaningful, will make you happy to see how much your teaching and how much you personally have impacted my life and my life's satisfaction. My transformation is certainly not complete, but as I look back it is something I truly didn't think would occur on all these levels. But I am so pleased that it did.

Jaiya thank you, and bless you, for sharing and guiding me. I hope these words and feelings find you in a wonderful place.”-N

“…I walked into this very large room with 100 very different women from all over the country. Though these womyn had very different educational backrounds & ranged in age (20-70), color, size and shape they all had but one common purpose to help empower women. The first question I was asked was, "how did the domestic violence you had with your previous partner impact your life?" My eyes just fell to the floor & I was speechless. I remembered what you told me during our last session about me being a "warrior for other abused women". I found the strength & courage to move into being a warrior & healer for other abused women that day. I think I made a huge difference not only for the women in that room but for the womyn they will help in the future. They laughed, cried and even applauded during and after the training session. I felt very empowered and full of compassion just by speaking my own truth. I think I must have passed on that feeling of empowerment & compassion to the other women in the room.

After I was finished speaking so many of them greeted me with "thank you", "you have made such a difference" and hugs/smiles with tears.

I can still feel the strength from your very compassionate & healing spirit and now many others have benefited as a result. I guess it is true that when we teach someone we can effect eternity never knowing where our influence will stop.

Thank you so much. You are making such an incredible difference in my life.”-N

“Thank you so much for the incredible session I had with you. I learned so much during our time together and the experience was breathtaking.”-D

“I feel like I am releasing years of trapped pain/trauma in my body and that it is still releasing as I sit here. I can still feel your healing hands-thank you so much. You have renewed my faith in humanity on so many levels today. I will be sure to pass it on - that contagious smile and level of compassion. I am exhausted and drained so it will not be difficult to "be gentle" with myself as soon as my head hits the pillow. Thanks for the kind advice.”-N

”I just wanted to say Thank You!! For the lovely weekend. I feel like I'm on some kind of a roll. The amount of time my body allowed pleasure in today was the longest yet!!”- S

“THANK YOU for helping me and providing one of the most moving and exhilarating experiences of my life.

I have been reflecting quite a lot today and feel that I am on a somehow on a higher level, more emotional, more in tune with everything around. I cannot describe this energy or extra sense.

It is difficult for me to understand that despite the fact that I just met you, I feel that I am somehow really missing you. Your presence has been with me since I left.”-M

“I felt instantly at ease with you and learned much from what you said.”-D

“You are a very special person. "Authentic" and "Genuine" are two good words that come to mind to describe you.”-M

“Yesterday afternoon was a great afternoon and I felt things I had never felt before. You made me feel so comfortable and eliminated all my fears and concerns quickly. For that I want to say thank you.”-M

“Thank you for a most enjoyable and informative session; I believe I will take much with me which will be of assistance on the road which lies before me. Your touch is graceful, energetic and warm but I was even more impressed and touched by your caring and heartfelt words. I indicated before that your eyes are incredible in your photographs. However, when they are teamed with your voice and seen personally, they are nearly overwhelming, not in the sense that I was "overcome" (even though there were times at which I felt I was a puppet being controlled by a very positive and good spirit) but more that I was being led, childlike, somewhere I had never been before and I had no fear or concern about my wellbeing as my guide was trustworthy, strong and certain to deliver me safely to where I needed to be. Thanks again.”-S

“I cannot yet explain how powerful our time together was on Monday. The drive home seemed to fly by, and I sunk into my sheets as if it was the first time I had felt them. Thank you so much for all that you taught and showed me, for helping me awaken myself. I too hope we have the opportunity to work together again.”-N

“Thank you so much for all of your help, advice and guidance. I have been thinking a lot about what my experiences with you have meant to me. You have provided me with a number of tools – whether they were insights, techniques, or other bits of wisdom - to deal with some of the issues we discussed. Even those few things I might have read in a book, or heard from my psychologist, had a much more profound impact coming from you. Reading something in a book, or hearing it from a psychologist with a pen and clipboard in her hand, just isn’t as meaningful as really feeling it. You made the experience very personal, not just formal and professional. You made the learning a true experience, not just an intellectual exercise. You spoke to my brain not just through my eyes and ears, but through my heart as well. That has made quite a difference. Having you sit across from me, looking in your eyes, seeing your smile, and feeling the touch of your compassion was incredible by itself. I feel extremely honored and privileged to have shared our time and experiences. I don’t know if things happen for a reason, or if things just happen and we choose to find special meaning in some of them. There have been some things that have happened in my life the last few years that make me tend to believe the former. You are one of them. I am very grateful to have found you and to have spent that special time together. I have learned and benefited greatly from it, and know that I will continue to do so. I hope I have the opportunity to work with you again. I sincerely wish you all the best in your life. You are a very special person, with an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing it with me.”-B

“Dearest Jaiya, I truly enjoyed our time together.You are a beautiful and loving mentor.Thank you for sharing your knowledge and spirit with me. I am still reaping the rewards of our session a week later! I am also very intrigued with the "Home Play" you sent me .”-S

“I am still processing the time with you/me, and still tasting chocolate in the back of my throat ... how delightful! On more than one occasion, gentle, welcome tears streamed down my cheeks and puddled in my lap as I was driving home. Thank you for sharing you with me. I am deeply, very deeply honored. ”- F

“I am at a loss for words…like I said, you caused me to venture deeper into what hurts, than I have gone in talk therapy for 12 years... each level of our session on Sunday, peeled back my protective coating, so far, that I don't know where I am now. I do know, that pulling away the things that I use to protect myself, is what I need to do. I want you to know that as a form of work that you do is by far the most intricate and powerful technique I have ever experienced.

I believe that it works that way because the body doesn’t lie...when faced with the physical reality of contact, intimacy and spiritual connectedness, you can’t help but encounter the truth...you are a true healer in the psychic realm…in an amazing, and highly trained way. Ultimately I think all problems boil down to control and intimacy...and you are a master in the most significant domain... where all of those things come together...when we come face to face with the truth...thank you again for your help.-M

"Hi jaiya, you have no idea how much our time together ment to me. with a person like you i would be complete. You are something very special, and I am so glad that i have met you. i never thought that i would ever be with somebody as good as you." –S

"Thank you Jaiya, You have the most intoxicating eyes by the way.

It was nice to meet you and spend time with you and Tracy. I will take a look at some of these items and your instructions." – M

"Dear Jaiya,

I have finished the Jewel in the Lotus book. I want to thank you for taking me through the isometric exercises and the breathing techniques. It helped me make sense of the exercises in the book. I am drawn to Kriya Yoga because it connects deeply with my passionate self. I gain energy from the flow of life force through my body. I have been able to take daily walks. I was able to cut my front and back yard at one time. Usually I have to cut the front one day and the back the other. I see how the spiritual practice of tantra leads to an enlightened state of consciousness. I admire you as a teacher and thank you for your discipline. All of this energy flowing through me takes some getting used to:)". –W

"Dear Goddesses Jaiya and Tracey,

Let me just say you... you... your just marvelous darlings (long aaaaahs, eeeees,oooooooos, tatatatatas)! I have never before, felt so much spiritual love and healing energy at once. The experience - journey was most enjoyable and nurturing even as I intermittantly wrestled with thoughts of previous experiences looking for similarities. I want to continue to experience this sort of peace every day focusing and amplifying this energy (look out Valentino)! I was blessed today by both of you. I understand clearly the importance of starting this journey with talented, highly trained, nurturing and "beautiful" spiritual instructors as both of you. How great you are! I feel as though I was given a key to unlock the pathway to spiritual healing and development that will overcome my bondage. I have much to learn. I appreciate constructive criticism in your kind manner. I look forward to working with you both!"-B


The pleasure was all mine!! …after our session on Friday I am feeling like a new person!! Thank you so much for everything. When are you available next?" –A

"I offer my gratitude for your giving to me. The session was wonderful and I was honored to worship the goddess within you".-R

"My Dear Jaiya,

I just want to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciated the time you spent with me. It has been the awakening if every there was one. You asked what was the most intimate time in my life(I couldn’t think of it), but today as been the most sensuious time of my life and so I say thank you again. I can't stop singing your praises. As I think about it and what has happened to me I break down it tears. As I was driving home I had many tears to shed. Love and light".-R

“To continue, thank you for the fabulous session today . . . what a relaxing and centering experience! I appreciate your help in stripping off years of defensive and guarded behaviors to ultimately find the "me" underneath all of that; your assistance has become a perfect compliment to my time of personal discovery! I'm going to be a tough nut to crack but I suppose it's all about the journey . . . and I appreciate your help as a loving and caring guide." -G

“I wanted to take the chance to thank you for the work we did the other night. Describing it as nothing short of amazing, would be an understatement. You did, however, release some powerful stuff in me that is making its way through my life as we speak. All of it is good, because it was long overdue, but sure is going to take some time to work out. What you do is incredibly brave, you have a lot of responsibility in the care that you take, and you are an amazing artist with the way that you do it. Thank you again for a really profound glimpse of what’s possible, and the notion of freeing myself of all the thinking I do. Words just don’t do it justice…….” -M

“I just got home, and I had to drop this note to again thank you for a wonderful experience. I felt so nice, relaxed, and at ease the entire trip home. I actually would find myself with a smile on my face, without even thinking about it. I don’t think I have ever been connected to anyone in a given time as I was with you today. You have such a wonderful way about you, and it really made it easy to open up to you. I think that is the reason for the smile. I felt so relieved that I could talk to someone and share my inner self. I hope that I was able to open my light to you. I really felt that I did. I also wanted to mention that when we were sitting in the room and I felt something build from my feet, and travel up my body. That was simply amazing. It may sound funny, but as I was reflecting on it I swear that I could see something leave my body through my chest. I can't explain what I saw, but it will be something I never forget. Again I want to thank you for helping me start my journey. You are an amazing person.” -D

“I have just been in a deep, deep state of meditation for the past couple days. I have learned so much about the Divine we know as God, and so much about myself in relationship to it. Thank you for your beautiful e-mail, and for sharing your letter. I had many visions about all sorts of things: Sex, God, Urban Life, My Child, Teaching, Musicals, Art. I now know why I am an artist and why I must create. Thank you for being a part of my reality.” -C

“Thank you very much again for the first session I had, it was life changing to say the least. I am ready to continue exploring tantra deeper.”-J

“... thanks for last Monday’s Tantric Session, which was as beautiful and peaceful as the weather. I look forward to our next session.”-T

“Thank you for all the help you have given me. I learned a lot yesterday and have some tools now to help me as I move forward and build a stronger me. I’m kind of letting the lessons soak in and also trying to relive some of it so I can remember things that help.”-J

“Thank you for a session that was both invigorating and calming; and for the best night’s sleep I have had in a good while; which I owe to the breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. You are sensitive and wise and gifted, and I truly hope that what you give in this life comes back to you, not because you share for that reason, but because you truly deserve it.”-J

“When I tell you that I feel we are making good progress, I now think it means that I am becoming more enlightened. You are shining the wonderful Dakini light on things that I did not understand before, sometimes crystal clear and sometimes foggy clear. I agree with you that my love for you does reflect good things already in my heart. I think I always knew they were there, but I did not understand them. Thank you.”-J

“I doubt that I would be able to discuss things with someone else like we have discussed things. You have opened this blockage for me.-G

“Your heart is so big and open, your love encompasses everything.”-J

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